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“If life is creative, all creation is exaltation of life. It is a vibrant call, a demand from within, an increase in being. In the strong sense, to create is to make be.”

René Untereiner

Smog films is a video production agency based in the Basque Country, bringing together directors, project managers, technicians and creatives from all walks of life. A creative agency full of ideas and enthusiasm who likes to immerse himself in new projects, to confront his grey matter and his know-how to all sorts of challenges.
We create movies, videos, photo reports and other digital communication support tailored to the needs of our clients.

How do we create? By being close to our customers and excited about their projects, we believe that sympathy and understanding are the key to relevant advice and an enthusiastic result. And because beyond efficiency and cordiality, it must always persist quality. There is one thing we do not compromise: being proud of what we create and making people proud of what we create.